Inspired Utterance.

Prophecy is simply an “inspired utterance”. This may take many forms. Even preaching and teaching, by God’s equipping, is ‘inspired’, and so to a degree is by an ‘anointing to prophecy”. Old Testament prophets, were often foretellers. But prophecy does not necessitate prediction. The purpose of Old Testament prophecy was not primarily to predict, but to turn the hearts of the people back to God. Likewise, New Testament prophecy is ‘forth-telling”; it is for Edification, Exhortation, and Comfort (1 Cor 14:3). It may be spoken to an individual, or to a group for this purpose.

Recent Prophecies spoken at VLCC

2022, May 22, Get out of the Way

You’ve asked Me for certain things in your life, and so I move but then you put your hand to those things and interrupt the way I am moving in your life to be able to bring to fruition the things that you believe for. If you do it, it can be done. If you have to come to the end of you doing things before you let me move, it will be a long time. But, if you will just let that go and let Me move. Let Me move ! Take you hands off. The things I’ve promised, I will do for you. You take your hands off and honor Me with your faith, and speak the Word. You speak the Word and you will see that I am able to perform that which you have spoken. That is My Word. You’ll see Me move when you get out of the way. As you believe for this one; as you believe for that one.

Sometimes my people just continue to go on & on & on with the witness. There’s a time to stop with that one person and believe what I say. Just believe what I say and I’ll move for you. I don’t need extra work. I don’t need extra help. I need My people to believe Me. Move out of the way and I’ll move for you, says the Lord your God.

2022, Jan 2 The Secret Place

… the ability to dwell in The secret place.  Those who find it difficult to find me here and find the secret place here will find it difficult in the days to come. Dwell in the secret place, and I will hide you; I will keep you close;  Others will fall at your right hand and 10,000 on the other side and you will see none of these things will come upon you.   Because you say “The LORD is my strength!! The LORD is my secret place!! The LORD is my refuge!! The LORD keeps me from all evil !!”.  It is the LORD who protects His church! But, not all of the church shall walk in that protection.  But I call you to walk in that secret place of the Most High God.  Find that place.  Live from that place. Decide from that place.  Walk-in me for I walk in you and we are one together as we walk and live and breathe under the shadow of the Almighty, the secret place of the Most High God.

2021 November 21

In this day I’m going to rise in my church with healing in my wings and as you spread forth your hands My wings will heal.  It is Me who does the healing.  I will rise in my church as a Healer.  You will see My life in you that you will go forth.  You will take the sickle in hand as My healing wings go forth and you will reap in a harvest of souls because they will witness the healing that I carry in you and they will say “Yes, I see that your God is powerful.  I see that your God is the only God and that Jesus is the one.  Jesus is the only one, the only door”  and they will walk through it because you will spread forth your hands to heal.

2021 Oct 31

Don’t look around and say “Where will it come from? Where will come the Glory of the Lord? Is it going to come from there or is it going to be from here? or is it going to be over there? I will pour out my glory.  I will pour out my glory.  But you are the ones who are the carriers of what I will pour out.  You, You are the carriers, and it pours out as you move by My Spirit.  When you move by my Spirit, it begins a trickle, and then a little stream, and then a brook and then a river.  But, first, you have to walk out in that little stream.  Are you willing? Will you do that?  If you do that there will be a time when the stream will turn into a brook, and then a river, and then there will be a gush of my Glory that will fill the earth.

2021, July 25 

I am calling my people to watch and pray,  to be watchmen.  Watchmen are not all prophets, but all prophets are watchmen.  Watch and pray.  All watchmen, wait upon the Lord so they can fly high like an eagle.  No one flies without waiting.  No one; You come up higher by learning to watch and wait.  Sometimes you see nothing, but you’re watching and you’re waiting and in those places of watching and waiting , He brings you up . He brings you up. Yes, stand firm and wait on the Most High, and He will make you come up, and He will see you walk, and He will see you fly.

2021, July 18

I hear the Lord saying to me “My people begin to walk individually, and then they begin to walk as one, and in this way, It is a rhythm.  There is a rhythm, and sometimes, the rhythm of life, the rhythm of how we approach the Lord God, the rhythm needs to be changed so that the rhythm is not just what we do without including Him. The rhythm is going to change. Oh, No; not in every church will the rhythm change, but as my people follow me and allow my Spirit to move within their congregation,  I will give them a new place, a new rhythm, a new way.  One that changes and changes so that you find me in any way there is to find me; you’re not stuck in a pattern; you’re not stuck in a pathway, but you are open and you will worship God in Spirit and in truth.  There will come a reformation to my body.  Some will follow and be reformed; they will be deeply reformed on the inside and out.  My church can be deeply reformed inside and out and those who are reformed and receive this reformation, and learn to walk with the rhythm of God.  Those people will be mighty and they will do exploits” says the Lord

2021, May 30

I hear the Lord saying “There’s coming a flood of people into the church, and they are going to look like ones that are not saved.  They are going to look like people that you would say in your own heart ‘Can these be saved ?, Can these be genuine ?’ And I ask you ‘Can anything good come from Nazareth ?”  These people will flood the church, but don’t look upon them with your own perspective, but with my eyes. See their own potential and see that they need you.  They will need you.  They need you to guide them.  They need you to love them where they are and allow my Spirit to make changes in them as you love them and guide them.

2021, May 23

..But It will be my Sons.; It will be my children that will rise up and see the Glory of God manifest in them, through them.  These children are the ones who count the cost, and see and know that the LORD their God expects their whole life, and not in part; their whole life; You give all, and I will manifest all.  I will manifest healing; I will manifest deliverance; I will manifest prophecy, tongues and interpretation.  All these things – Word of Wisdom, Word of knowledge will flow through you as you count the cost and give me all, you will see my Glory” Says the Lord.

2021, April 18

When you allow Me into those secret places, those hidden places of your heart, I will show you the light. I will come into those places and I will be the one who sets you free. You cannot set yourself free, I must do it. You must allow Me to come to open your heart. Hear the knock when I am there. Open it then, not later. Let me come in now. I will set you free. I am the only one. I will change you from the inside out. I change from the Inside out

March 28, 2020 “Come Closer to the Consuming Fire”

…Desire Me. The closer that you come, you experience more fire in your life. Because that fire begins to consume all things in your life that are not holy and all the things that are unholy that are consumed cause you to step into another place of my glory. I take you from faith to faith, and I take you from glory to glory, and as you come closer and closer to my glory to my fire, the fire consumes more. So the greater glory you desire to walk in concerning my presence is the greater degree of holiness that must come forth, and that holiness comes from the fire. Fire reveals those things to you.

Children, I’m your Father, and I reveal things to you to get them out of the way so we can walk closer together. It is my deepest desire to have fellowship with you. It is my deepest desire for you to walk in Me, and for us to walk together. That is why I sent my Spirit. That is why He is here; to help you to draw closer.

I’m bringing my church into a greater degree of glory and that requires more fire. Some will walk in it and some just will not. But you can walk in all the depth of glory you desire. Will you walk closer to me? and as you walk closer let my fire consume those things that I see that may be unholy in your life. After that, there is a great presence. You sense the great love that I have for you. Fire consumes and, My love is great after.

2021, Feb 14 “Fires !”

The place within your heart for fire; the place within your heart for fire! Let the fire that has almost gone out be stirred; be stirred within your hearts. When you come in and you are singing the songs and you are not focused on Me, the fire has almost gone out. Let the fire be stirred. Let the fire be stirred! Lift your hearts! Open Up! Lift your hands! Let the fire be stirred! Let the fire fall. Let that fire fall.

Make Your ministers a flame of fire. Fire in our bones, God. Fire ! in our bones, God.

As you let the fire burn; As you let the fire glow, your own fire will expose religion in others around, and it will convince them and convict them; and they will cry out and say “My brother, my sister has Fire, Oh God!.” “My brother, my sister has Fire, and I want that Fire Back, God !! “.

Let Your Fire Burn. Don’t be ashamed, just let it burn. Let it burn. Let it burn