Confessing and Meditating of Scripture

The daily discipline of speaking the scripture should occur in two forms, both meditation and confession. Although they may appear to be the same, they are different in purpose.


In the Old Testament, to ‘mediate’ literally means “to mutter”, especially in pondering. Joshua 1:8 tells us to “mediate” in the Word of God, so that we may make our way prosperous and have good success. Meditation in the Word, by speaking it to yourself, helps you to take ahold of its truths to renew your mind to them.


To confess is “to say the same thing”. It is to say the same thing as what you have said beforehand; that is with consistency. What you say with consistency is your confession. Your confession is not what you say only occasionally. What you believe, what you think about is what you will confess. Luke 6:45. Good or bad, right or wrong, your confession locates you, because you’ve thought about it and taken hold of it. Our confessions are based on our meditations – our thoughts, our mutterings. You will never rise above the level of your confessions.