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About Bible references on VLCCFL.ORG

On VLCCFL.ORG, Bible references are converted into links with hover-preview of the scripture text in NKJV (New King James Version). This capability is provided by Faithlife Reftagger. This popup feature should work on all modern browsers on all devices. If this is not working on your browser, then :

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God’s Word is Life and Health

It’s hard to be still with a barrage of negative social media.  Pastor John’s word for you today is to be still (relax) and see. It’s hard to see if you are not relaxed; Relaxed in Spirit and soul.  


The daily discipline of speaking the scripture should occur in two forms, both meditation and confession. Although they may appear to be the same, they are different in purpose .

To aide you in your Meditations and Confessions of Faith, We have complied lists of Scriptures and aides by Topic


A list of scripture-based prayers to help you pray based on Scriptures