Inspired Utterance.

Prophecy is simply an “inspired utterance”. This may take many forms. Even preaching and teaching, by God’s equipping, is ‘inspired’, and so to a degree is by an ‘anointing to prophecy”. Old Testament prophets, were often foretellers. But prophecy does not necessitate prediction. The purpose of the Old Testament prophets was not primarily prediction, but turning the hearts of the people back to God. Likewise, New Testament prophecy is ‘forth-telling”; it is for Edification, Exhortation, and Comfort (1 Cor 14:3). It may be spoken to an individual, or to a group for this purpose.

Recent Prophecies spoken at VLCC

2021, April 18, Leonora Matthews

When you allow Me into those secret places, those hidden places of your heart, I will show you the light. I will come into those places and I will be the one who sets you free. You cannot set yourself free, I must do it. You must allow Me to come to open your heart. Hear the knock when I am there. Open it then, not later. Let me come in now. I will set you free. I am the only one. I will change you from the inside out. I change from the Inside out

March 28, 2020. Pastor Marie Jenkins. “Come Closer to the Consuming FIre”

…Desire Me. The closer that you come, you experience more fire in your life. Because that fire begins to consume all things in your life that are not holy and all the things that are unholy that are consumed cause you to step into another place of my glory. I take you from faith to faith, and I take you from glory to glory, and as you come closer and closer to my glory to my fire, the fire consumes more. So the greater glory you desire to walk in concerning my presence is the greater degree of holiness that must come forth, and that holiness comes from the fire. Fire reveals those things to you.

Children, I’m your Father, and I reveal things to you to get them out of the way so we can walk closer together. It is my deepest desire to have fellowship with you. It is my deepest desire for you to walk in Me, and for us to walk together. That is why I sent my Spirit. That is why He is here; to help you to draw closer.

I’m bringing my church into a greater degree of glory and that requires more fire. Some will walk in it and some just will not. But you can walk in all the depth of glory you desire. Will you walk closer to me? and as you walk closer let my fire consume those things that I see that may be unholy in your life. After that, there is a great presence. You sense the great love that I have for you. Fire consumes and, My love is great after.

2021, Feb 14. Pastor Marie Jenkins “Fires !”

The place within your heart for fire; the place within your heart for fire! Let the fire that has almost gone out be stirred; be stirred within your hearts. When you come in and you are singing the songs and you are not focused on Me, the fire has almost gone out. Let the fire be stirred. Let the fire be stirred! Lift your hearts! Open Up! Lift your hands! Let the fire be stirred! Let the fire fall. Let that fire fall.

Make Your ministers a flame of fire. Fire in our bones, God. Fire ! in our bones, God.

As you let the fire burn; As you let the fire glow, your own fire will expose religion in others around, and it will convince them and convict them; and they will cry out and say “My brother, my sister has Fire, Oh God!.” “My brother, my sister has Fire, and I want that Fire Back, God !! “.

Let Your Fire Burn. Don’t be ashamed, just let it burn. Let it burn. Let it burn